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X-Per White, Nature Touch Class and Silverado Photo Paper®, a “retro look” paper, to Dscoop, the world’s largest print community

With three product innovations, Fedrigoni Group is once again a top spot exhibitor at the 2019 edition of Dscoop, the European event taking place in Tarragona (Spain) from 19 to 21 June and representing the world’s largest print and design community. For print and marketing professionals, designers, brand owners and creatives Dscoop is an opportunity to share new technology solutions and applications that are driving the market, participate to debates, do training and get connected.

Fedrigoni Group, a long-standing partner of the Dscoop Community and of HP Indigo, will introduce at the Solutions Showcase three highly innovative products, including a true premiere: the Silverado Photo Paper®, a photographic paper that, thanks to digital printing, offers the touch-and-feel of an old-fashioned photograph but without deploying any plastic.

With the Silverado Photo Paper® past, present and future come together, creating a fine “retro look”: the rigidity of the top recreates the touch-and-feel of a traditional silver halide photo paper and the velvety touch of the bottom side is obtained without deploying any lamination or plastic extrusions. On the front side, the exceptional whiteness and reliable printability ensure excellent results with HP Indigo® printing, as well as with traditional dry toner and offset printing.

Custom-made lamination can be added after printing by selecting the preferred finish for each photo (shiny or embossed) and applying additional protection to the print using the same procedure.


Fedrigoni Group will also bring to Dscoop its new X-Per White: Fedrigoni’s premium-quality pure ECF-cellulose FSC®-certified uncoated papers and paperboards are now available in a new color, a warm and bright point of white. Its best-in-class characteristics in thickness, rigidity, opacity and print contrast make this product the perfect choice for book printing and paper engineering uses; the special finish on both sides enhances the texture and allows for a particularly sharp print.

This new color is already available in stores, also for HP Indigo printing in the 46.4x32 / 32x46 and 53x75 / 75x53 formats (the latter being ideal for fully exploiting the format of the HP Indigo Serie4 digital presses) and is suitable for Scodix digital enhancement.


Last but not least, Nature Touch Class, Fedrigoni’s natural paper for digital enhancement, can now boast its HP Indigo certification. Introduced since 2017, Nature Touch Class is one of the two versions of Soho Touch Class, the world's first series of top-quality papers and cards that are resistant to stains, digital fingerprints, oils, water, paints and solvents. They are also completely recyclable and especially designed for printed products that require total resistance to manipulation and repeated contacts with liquids and oily substances.

Such characteristics make this paper perfectly suitable for multiple applications spanning from the most advanced digital enhancement technologies, coating and foil, where it can deliver excellent results matching the performance of coated papers, to the printing of menus and labels in the food and beverage industry. Nature Touch Class guarantees superior elegance without resorting to plastification and allowing for complete protection against stains.

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